Client Testimonials

“Feeling I had exhausted all steps I called Coach Kim. Kim offers the tools, asks the questions, and finds the actions for you to dust and sometimes scrub away the grime, layer after layer. Thus helping to identify the issues that are preventing you from your goal actualization so that you can get moving forward again!

In the beginning, I was not comfortable with the talking and talking and talking about me part. It seemed foreign but it really didn’t take too long for me to not stop talking about me! The thought-provoking questions, conscious feedback and productive exercises really made my mind bend in ways I would not have by myself. Within a relatively short time the momentum started building. I contacted Kim because I was disillusioned with my next career steps and now I am on my way to starting my own small business.

Thank you Kim!”

Amber, Toronto



"Working with Kim was an inspirational experience.  I had just left my job and was starting my MBA but still was not sure where my life and career were going. Kim helped me figure out how to combine my interests and education to have a career that I love. But the most important aspect of the coaching was how she taught me to set realistic goals. And throughout the process I gained the confidence to achieve them. Both supportive and encouraging, Kim has taught me to enjoy life again!"

L. Boota, Ottawa



“My benefit from my coaching experience is that I am more aware of myself and the possibilities around me. The experience created internal pressure to push me to new level of achievement. I learned that everything I need is within me if I look deep enough.  I would highly recommend Kim to others as she is driven to bring out the best in her clients.  Thanks Kim.”

Lucien, Alberta



I never thought that Ignite’s coaching would have such a great impact in my life! For years, I was just content about my personality, although I wanted to improve my self esteem and confidence, I never got to address effectively the real roots of my issues. Then I heard about Ignite Coaching services, and gave it a try. I am glad I did! They helped me discover traits on myself that I wasn’t aware of before, and their recommendations proved to work wonderfully to improve myself. The service was very professional at all times, and after finishing my sessions, I feel much better about myself than I ever did before. I highly recommend giving Ignite’s coaching a try!

Emma, Vancouver



"Refreshing, enlightening, uplifting and stress relieving are only some of the words I'd use to describe my experience with Kim's coaching. I received effective help with goal-setting and improved my ability to maintain focused. Most importantly, I learned to appreciate who I am and the strengths I have for building a life filled with meaning and purpose.  Thank you so much, Kim!"

Eddie, Victoria



“Kim sat in the office beside mine -- I worked in Operations, Kim in Marketing. Kim is an intelligent and conscientious executive whose strengths are in her abilities to connect with people and in building relationships. Being in the office beside mine, I had the opportunity to listen to her talk with prospective clients for hours each day, she was always positive, polite, professional, I always heard her smiling, and she was always a joy to listen to. I've also since had the opportunity to know Kim in her role as Life Coach, she has great insight, and her personality is such a perfect fit for this type of role, as it speaks to her natural instinct to be helpful to others.”

Andrea, Toronto